So beautiful. Mother’s Day is the time to let your mom know just how much she means to you, and that is exactly what Donny Osmond did when he paid tribute to his late mom, Olive Osmond.

“Happy Mother’s Day to my angel mother. Her constant encouragement and loving kindness always have been and always will be my guiding star,” the 61-year-old captioned a past photo showing him with his mom. “She was my safe place to land and greatest cheerleader. Oh how I love and miss you, Mother. You have made all of the difference.”

“If you are lucky enough to still have your mother with you, be sure to hug her extra tight and remind her how much you love her today,” he added.

Olive Osmond
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Fans were touched by the message, as they took to the comments section to react. “Your parents I think, were amazing people, to bring up such a wonderful and talented family,” one person said. Another added, “Your mother was such a beautiful and inspiring woman. I’m sure she is missed daily by all of you, but especially today. I know I miss mine so much today.”

Olive and her husband, George Osmond, had nine kids. Their only daughter, Marie Osmond, once opened up and revealed how her mom saved her life.

“She was overweight, and right before she died, she said to me, ‘Marie, don’t do to your body what I did to mine,'” the 57-year-old once exclusively told Closer Weekly. “Those are powerful words right before you leave this life, and my mom saved me.”

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Marie continued and revealed that her beloved mom warned her to live a healthy life or “you don’t have the energy or ability to serve your family.” “At one point I was taking care of [her]. She had heart disease and it took her life, and my grandmother’s — I was a ticking time bomb. I knew I had to do something,” she added.

Olive sounds like she was a wonderful woman, and we’re glad Donny shared those kind words as a reminder to show your mom how much you love her.