After secretly joining the cast of The Masked Singer in early January, Donny Osmond had to sneakily conceal his identity as the Peacock from everyone — including his family. But when his schedule began to conflict between filming and playing shows at his Las Vegas residency with his sister, Marie Osmond, Donny could no longer keep his identity hidden.

“I was doing Las Vegas every night while I was doing The Masked Singer and I had to tell Marie, because there were a couple shows where I almost missed the Vegas show,” the “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” singer revealed on The Talk during a guest appearance on Friday, March 1. “I had to tell her why … I said, ‘You can’t say a word.'”

However, things went downhill quickly when Marie, 59, was grilled about her brother possibly being the colorfully-feathered crooner during an interview with Access Live in early January. Marie gave too much away when she confirmed that Donny started performing at 5 years old — which was a clue on the show — while she began at 3. “I told him, ‘Why are you giving away such easy clues?’” she said, before trying to walk it back. “I don’t know. But I know we started at NBC, which was the peacock.”

Even though Marie added to the already rampant speculation that Donny was the Peacock, her brother came to her defense. “She was trying to be funny, she was doing a show, and she let the cat out of the bag … I called her up and I just reamed her — ‘How could you do this?’ and she felt so bad,” the brown-haired hunk told hosts Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, Carrie Ann Inaba, Eve and Sara Gilbert.

Marie Osmond Donny Osmond
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Even though Donny told Marie about his secret, he kept himself quiet around the rest of his family. And when his 6-year-old grandson, Truman, suspected that the Peacock might be his grandpa, Donny gave nothing away. “He calls me and says, ‘Grandpa, I love the Peacock, but he sounds so much like you!'” Donny recently shared with Entertainment Tonight. “I felt so bad because I couldn’t tell him. He says, ‘Grandpa, I think it’s you.’ I said, ‘We’ll find out! I don’t think so.’ I don’t think he’s going to trust me the rest of his life!”

Even though Donny came in second on The Masked Singer behind rapper T-Pain — the man behind the Monster mask — we still applaud him for making it all the way to the end!