They may be two of the biggest names in Hollywood, but Emily Blunt and John Krasinski take a step out of the spotlight when they are spending time with their kids. “Most of the time, they’re just normal parents taking their kids to birthday parties and playdates,” a source recently dished to Us Weekly. “On the weekend they’re all out having brunch and playing at the park.”

Emily, 35, and John, 39, are parents to their two daughters, 4-year-old Hazel and 2-year-old daughter Violet. And even though “their careers may be busy,” the source said, “they have a great family life.” So much so that the Mary Poppins Returns actress and The Office alum never even considered raising their growing family in Hollywood.


“We felt that existential magnet pull us back,” John previously explained to Us. “We wanted to be closer to our families, to share our experiences with them.”

In fact, the couple recently moved from Brooklyn to a town north of NYC. We assume the reason for this is to have a more low-key home life for Emily, John, and their two youngsters. However, it’s not always so easy for big-time celebrities to hide away from paparazzi and flashing cameras.


So how do they manage to keep their private life… well, private? Apparently, the source dished that Emily and John “like to blend in” when they are out in public as a family. “They hide by the waiter station and watch from the shadows.” Sneaky!

While trying to shy away from the limelight sounds difficult with two little kids, imagine doing it with three! A source recently dished to Life & Style that Emily and John are leaning towards adding another child to their family. “Emily put off getting pregnant to film Mary Poppins Returns, but now that’s over,” the source said. “They both want another baby, hopefully, a boy, a little brother for Hazel and Violet to dote on.” Aww!

The couple, who has one of the most envious relationships in Hollywood, began dating in 2008 and tied the knot in 2010. And even though they’re juggling their careers and raising a family, Emily and John always find time for each other. “They’re very much in love,” a source revealed to Us. “It’s the subtle ways they connect with each other through their facial expressions, body language, and touch.” So cute!