Hoda Kotb may be booked and busy, but there will always be room in her schedule for her kids. The award-winning talk show host revealed that she ran through the streets of NYC to see her daughter’s play in between Today show tapings.

“For all the moms who forget things, I’m among them,” Hoda, 59, told the Thursday, April 18, audience on Today with Hoda & Jenna. “So, [my daughter] Haley yesterday said, ‘Are you coming to my spring concert?’ I was like, ‘When is it?’ She goes, ‘It’s tomorrow?’”

Hoda shares daughters Haley, 7, and Hope, 4, with ex-fiancé Joel Schiffman.

“Well, tomorrow is today. And so it starts at 8:45 and anyone who’s tried to get around midtown, or around the Upper West Side, knows — and it’s raining! So I decided I was going to make,” she continued. “And I said, ‘Mamma’s gonna come in hot. You look at that door, I’m going to be there, ​OK? 8:45 I’m going to be there.’ ‘​OK, mamma, ​​OK ​, ​OK.’”

Hoda later explained that her driver was “driving like a maniac” to get her to the recital on time – and his efforts worked. The TV personality said she made eye contact with her daughter and even got a confirmation wave! Hoda enjoyed Haley’s performance while her youngest daughter watched from her lap.

“Then at 9, straight up. 8:45-9, it’s over. We had a pre-tape at 9:25 [on the Today show],” Hoda concluded. “So we flew back, and we rolled in hot. There was our guest, we were interviewing Orlando Bloom. It was great.”

Hoda Kotb's daughters on Super Bowl Sunday
Courtesy of Hoda Kotb/Instagram

In March, the journalist revealed that she was moving with her daughters – although they would relocate within the New York region. Hoda has yet to disclose the location of her new abode.

“I was thinking about moving. My kids and I are going to move somewhere to a new school, and I was reflecting on my life and how many times we moved when I was a kid,” she said during an episode of her “Making Space” podcast, revealing that she relocated twice as a kid. “It’s so funny because the stories I tell now as an adult, are the stories of how I endured or what I did to cope Yet at the same time, as I’m preparing my kids, I feel like I’m trying to protect them from things that they should probably be into.”

Later that month, an insider exclusively told Closer how Haley and Hope feel about the move.

“The girls are apparently excited, even though Haley was a little sad because she’s already made some close friends in school,” the insider revealed. “Hope is only 4, so she’s ready for the adventure.”