Talk about a throwback! Hilaria Baldwin just made our day by sharing a super cute video of two of her kids, Carmen, 5, and Romeo, 7 months, as they tried foods for the first time as babies. “In case you need a Wednesday pick-me-up,” the fitness guru wrote in the video’s caption on Wednesday, Jan. 9. “I know they are my kids, but I can watch this all day.”

In the clip, the 35-year-old showed Carmen trying apple sauce and Romeo trying hummus. The video began with the mom-of-four spoon-feeding apple sauce into Carmen’s mouth when she was just an infant. And it wasn’t even a second later that Carmen was truly disgusted by what she was just fed! As for Romeo, his introduction to hummus pretty much went the same exact way as he ended up gagging at the chickpea creation. Take a look at the adorable video below!

It didn’t take long before Hilaria’s followers began commenting on the post expressing how funny the video was. “I had to come watch this again tonight. It’s the cutest and most accurate response to new foods. Thanks for sharing, I miss when my four were babies,” one fan wrote, with another similarly adding, “I usually don’t bookmark posts, but I have to bookmark this one. When I need a laugh, this will be at the ready. Hall of Fame material here.”

Many mamas were able to relate to the brunette beauty, too. “That is so hilarious, Hilaria! One of the funniest things I have ever seen! Our son projectile vomited when he first ate applesauce,” one follower commented. “This is brilliant! I have a similar video of my little girl trying Greek yogurt and kiwi and it’s hilarious every time,” wrote another.

Along with Carmen and Romeo, Hilaria is also a proud mom to 3-year-old son Rafael and 2-year-old son Leonardo, both of whom she shares with her husband, Alec Baldwin. Though Alec, 60, and Hilaria already have four kids together, the yoga instructor has admitted that she’s not sure if she’s done having babies just yet.

“I think about it a lot,” Hilaria said in an Instagram story posted in October 2018. “When I’ll have a day that’s really hard with the kids and I’m like, ‘No more kids!’ And then I have a day where they’re like really cute like this and I’m like, ‘I could have another one.’ We’ll see.” Hilaria and Alec make some pretty darn cute kids, so we’re all for a fifth Baldwin baby!