There’s not a day that goes by that Heidi Klum doesn’t learn something new from her kids, Leni Samuel, 14, Henry Samuel, 13, Johan Samuel, 11, and Lou Samuel, 9. Her four children mean the world to the former Project Runway co-host!

“It’s definitely a learning curve,” Heidi, 45, told Us Weekly in the magazine’s latest issue. “So for me, it’s getting used to figuring out who they are as a person… I’m learning as I’m doing.” Heidi shares her four kids with her ex-husband Seal. The pair were married for nine years before they decided to go their separate ways in 2014.

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Though she’s now a single mom, Heidi admitted that she hasn’t found the need to ask other moms for parenting advice. Instead, they actually often ask her for tips because her kids are older. “Most have younger kids, so I’m kind of ahead of the game, and they’re asking me for advice. I wish I had someone I could ask,” she joked.

Heidi has taught her kids how to be well-behaved but at times they try to take the supermodel’s kindness for granted. “They’re not bad. They really don’t overstep their boundaries too much. They try to push a little bit,” she said. “But it’s never really where it gets out of hand or anything like that.”

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“I haven’t had to ground my kids yet,” she added. “They’re pretty good.” Luckily Heidi made it out of her kids’ “terrible twos” alive but the next challenge is their teenage years. Soon her children will begin to go on dates and have crushes of their own! But right now Heidi hasn’t seen them call anyone their boyfriend or girlfriend quite yet. “[They’re] too young. Who knows? They also don’t tell you everything,” she quipped.