HGTV’s Mina Starsiak Hawk is constantly proving that she can overcome any challenge thrown at her. On Thursday, August 31, she faced a huge mishap while working on a home improvement project.

In her Instagram Stories, Mina, 36, revealed that an entire can of paint fell off of her hand truck and splashed all over her clothes and skin. The Good Bones host was covered in white paint as she showed off the damage of the spill in the middle of the street. 

“It’s everywhere,” she told her followers of facing the blip while trying to transport her supplies. “And that right there friends is how nice yoga pants become work yoga pants.”

Mina looked for a piece of plastic to place on top of the paint spill to ensure that nobody else stepped in it. The TV personality sounded frustrated as she explained her jam-packed schedule for the day and having little time to clean up. 

“I have four more stops today and then directly [have to] pick up the kids from school and take them directly to tennis looking like a hot mess,” she remarked. 

Cans of spilled paint in the street
Courtesy of Mina Starsiak Hawk/Instagram

Mina is a mom to two kids, Jack and Charlotte, whom she shares with her husband, Steve Hawk. While she did not anticipate the setback, the home designer left her followers with a meaningful mantra about moving forward. 

“No reason to cry over spilled paint,” Mina said while showing off the globs of paint stuck to her shoes. “Carry on.” 

Later on in the day, Mina took Jack, 5, to a swim class and clearly put the paint malfunction behind her. The little one celebrated his birthday earlier this month with a dinosaur-themed birthday party, complete with adorable petting zoo animals. 

“Jack has such an amazing village,” Mina captioned a carousel of photos on Instagram on August 12. “Thank you all for being his people!”

Though it seemed like the Starsiak-Hawk crew had a blast at the party, Mina shared that there is currently some tension within her family. During an episode of her podcast, “Mina AF,” on Monday, August 28, the design star explained that she “is not in a great place” with brothers William and Tad and mom Karen E. Laine. At the time, she was contemplating inviting her family to Jack’s birthday party. 

“Will they even notice who’s here and who’s not here? There’s going to be a bunch of animals. That’s all they care about,” Mina said. “Having to say ‘This is why you’re not invited’ opens up a line of communication to discuss that, and I really don’t want to do that. That sounds exhausting right now. So again, I fall back to ‘Do I just invite everyone because it’s the path of least resistance?’ But it’s what we’ve all always done, and it hasn’t gotten us anywhere better.”

With Good Bones in its final season, it is unclear if Mina and Karen plan to work together on TV again in the future. 

“Not only do my mom and my two brothers not fall into that category of being involved in their life on a regular basis, we’re also not on good terms,” Mina admitted.