When Goldie Hawn pops by for a classroom visit, students aren’t whipping out their cellphones
for a selfie with the Academy Award–winning movie star.

To them, she’s just the nice lady who talks about “brain breaks” — or maybe busts a goofy dance move, arms flailing and hair falling in her face, to break the ice.

Sure, Goldie might still lock arms with Donatella Versace during Paris Fashion Week or giggle with Melanie Griffith in Aspen, Colorado, but despite her years on Hollywood’s A-list, she hasn’t made a film since 2002.

goldie hawn and kate hudson

Goldie and her daughter, Kate, in April 2012.

Instead, Goldie, 69, is pouring all her energy into the Hawn Foundation and its MindUP program, which teaches children the fundamentals of meditation and mindfulness.

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“I felt kids needed more tools to deal with the stresses they’re living with today,” Goldie tells ‘Closer.’ “Now our children know that they can change that.”

goldie hawn

Goldie at a charity event in May 2014.

Goldie knows all too well the terror of anxiety. Despite her sunny disposition, her panic attacks date back to sixth grade. Later, Goldie suffered paralyzing stress when she was plucked from the chorus line and given a role on the 1967 sitcom ‘Good Morning World.’ Unprepared for fame, she spent time in therapy exploring why she’d “lost her smile.” Says Goldie, “There was a lot of pressure and a lot of uncertainty.”

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