Earlier this month, Giuliana Rancic made her triumphant return to E! News and, now that she’s settled back into her LA gig, the proud mama brought her adorable son, Duke Rancic, with her to work on Thursday, Sept. 20. 

In a new Instagram video shared by Giuliana, Duke, 6, appeared to be having a lot of fun visiting his mom at her job because, in the clip, Duke can be seen hilariously crashing Giuliana’s broadcast with her co-host Jason Kennedy and doing a funny dance on set!

Once Jason pointed out to his 44-year-old co-star that her son was running around behind them, Giuliana immediately tried to get him away from the cameras. The fashionista mom even started to chase Duke in a pair of sky-high heels, which made the moment even better. 

Watch the funny video below!

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“Oh my God, Duke! I did not know that Duke was right [behind me],” she told Jason in the video before trying to persuade her son to leave. “Hi, mommy’s working. This was literally not the plan. Remember you’re supposed to be over there, I got you chocolate.”

Instead of listening to his embarassed mom, Duke continued to do a funny dance on camera and Giuliana realized that it would take her a while to get her son off the set so she told Jason to “keep going.” 

Jason ended up finishing the segment with Giuliana still running around in the background, so he hilariously walked off saying, “Let me help, here’s your babysitter!” 

giuliana and her family. (photo credit: getty images)
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Giuliana and her family. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

In a previous interview with Us Weekly, Giuliana funnily revealed that her son doesn’t know what she does for work, so it’s possible that Duke didn’t realize he was interrupting a very popular entertainment show. “Someone asked him, ‘What does your mom do?’ He said, ‘Mommy is a singer!’ He knows I do something on TV. He’s not quite sure what,” Giuliana explained. Duke obviously has a knack for TV, just like his mom!