When Giuliana Rancic recently sat down with Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry for a reading, she never expected the experience to be so emotional. In a preview clip for her episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry — which is set to air on Wednesday, March 7 on E! — Giuliana broke down in tears after Tyler, 22, connected with her husband Bill Rancic‘s late father, Edward Rancic.

“They’re having me talk about treatment. Now, for some reason, when I’m connecting to this Ed energy, he’s having me find a focus on… he’s bringing me to my bones. Having me talk about bone marrow and the immune system? I don’t know what this is,” Tyler began to which Giuliana, 43, replied, “Whoa, yes, I have to call my husband. That’s crazy, really?”

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Giuliana and Tyler.

“I wasn’t even thinking about that, I cannot believe you just picked up on it. So, Ed, his brother had this very grand life and traveled a lot, kind of man about town, traveling the world. And when Ed got sick, they needed a match for him and my husband went and found his brother and it was not easy and he found him and he convinced him to come back and to give him the bone marrow. So that’s incredible because that’s not out there,” Giuliana explained.

Then, Giuliana appeared in an off-set interview during which she broke down in tears and said, “I just know that it was so heartbreaking for my husband when his father passed away. And I know that’s still hard for him. So I was just really hoping that [my father-in-law Ed] would just come through and that, you know, I could tell my husband that he came through and that he’s looking over him, you know. Because I think you wanna know that. You wanna know that a parent or whoever has passed is watching over you and proud of you.”