How cute! In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, E! anchor Giuliana Rancic and her husband, The Apprentice alum Bill Rancic opened up about how their five-year-old son, Duke, enjoys watching their reality show, [Giuliana & Bill]( — which ran from 2009 until 2014 and showcased their balance of work and family life, G’s breast cancer battle, and infertility struggles.

“Our son watched his first episode of Giuliana & Bill on demand about a month ago, and he couldn’t believe it. He’s now five years old, so seeing mommy and daddy and obviously his birth on television — it was pretty wild of him to see,” Bill explained via phone on Wednesday. His wife chimed in with, “The very first one he saw — we watched a couple — was we were at our house in LA, he was a baby and I was actually going to an awards show.”

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Officer Duke!

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“I was feeding him and playing with him and he just got the biggest kick out of it because he’s five, and he’s this little dude, and the whole time I’m just going, ‘Look at my baby! My little baby!’ Because I hadn’t watched an episode in a long time, and it’s amazing that we have this incredible documentation of our child as a baby,” she continued. “He loved it. His favorite part was when he would recognize other people — like [his grandparents] or my sister and his cousins. He was like, ‘Is that Alexa?’ Because she was so young and that’s what he got the biggest kick out of. He thought it was so cute. He thought it was fun to watch.”

Closer Weekly spoke with the couple — who wed in 2007 — as they teamed up with Marshalls “to inspire families to set their New Year’s resolutions together and offer tips on the best way to stick with them all year long.” She said of the partnership, “We’re giving people that idea to come up with a family resolution, go to Marshall’s. You can get high-quality brand name products at such amazing prices to stick to your resolutions. They say that if you actually buy products to help with a resolution — whether it’s free weights, a kettle bell, something for the kitchen, activewear — having those products helps you stick to your resolution, so there’s a better success rate when you have products to help you carry out the resolutions.”

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