It’s definitely a busy time of year for Giuliana Rancic, as we are smack in the middle of awards season — and in an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, the E! red carpet host dished on what she thought of this year’s Golden Globes ceremony — when nearly everyone dressed in black to show their support for the sexual assault victims and Time’s Up movement.

“It was certainly the most meaningful Golden Globes I’ve ever been part of, and I’ve been doing the red carpet for the big award shows now for the past 15 years,” she said via phone on Wednesday. “Right off the bat, I said tonight, it’s not about who are you wearing? It’s why are you wearing? Tell us why is this movement important — because I had actually spoken to various people before the Globes about Times Up and the movement is still relatively new, it was even newer at the the time and a lot of people — even people in the business — didn’t really know what it was. I was like, ‘This is so important. We have to get the word out. This is an incredible movement.'”

She then added, “The fact that so many people in Hollywood banded together, used the Golden Globes as this incredible platform to share such a strong message to help people not only in the industry in Hollywood, but also industries all across the country. It was a very beautiful thing, and it was certainly a meaningful Golden Globes. I think from the red carpet interviews, to Oprah [Winfrey]’s incredible speech that everyone has been talking about — it was just a great night and I think no matter how little or how much someone said — the fact that you’re speaking up on behalf of the Time’s Up movement and getting the word out, using your time on camera to talk about something so meaningful, I applaud everyone for that.”

G, who is married to Bill Rancic and mother to five-year-old Duke, also couldn’t contain her excitement when it comes to the upcoming shows, like the Screen Actor’s Guild awards, the Grammys, and the Oscars. “I think a nice balance is always good. I think that’s what we achieved at the Golden Globes. There are certainly people who want to hear about the work. There have been so many TV shows, movies, and so much incredible work this year, so to be able to have a nice balance of that is always great,” she shared.

“Also, I think on E!, a lot of people come to us too because they want the fun moments. The light-hearted moments as well, and those surprising moments where you never know what’s going to happen because we are the biggest live red carpet in the world. We’re broadcasted all over the world in 100 countries, so it’s always exciting. You never know what’ going to happen.”

As for the father-son duo, they love to cheer the Giuliana Prosecco founder on back home while she’s on the interview circuit. Her husband, Bill, quipped, “Duke loves seeing his mom on screen. The first thing he said was, ‘Oh my gosh! She’s so pretty,’ and then he wanted her microphone. He said, ‘Can mommy bring that microphone home?’ Because E! has those bedazzled microphone — so he was definitely very interested in getting that home, but he loves watching her. He’s a fan as I am and I truly think she’s the best on that red carpet. She’s a natural and such a pro.”

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