It’s always inspiring to see how happy Bill Rancic and his wife, Giuliana Rancic, are together — and in an exclusive new interview with Closer Weekly, The Apprentice alum opened up about the exact moment he realized he would marry her.

“We met later in life. I was in my mid-30s. Our first date was when I just turned 35, which is a little bit later. It didn’t take a long time,” he said at Hyatt House’s #WhySettle event in NYC on Thursday, April 19.

“I think we were engaged after 11 months. We got engaged pretty quickly. I knew right away. She met my family early on. That doesn’t happen. I don’t bring people around my mom and my sisters, but it was very quick and I think it was the same on her end. I think we knew right away,” Bill continued. The couple wed in 2007 and are parents to a five-year-old son, Duke Rancic.

During a previous interview with Closer, Bill opened up about how he and Giuliana maintain a healthy work-life balance. “I think we have one rule, and that’s family first. We don’t compromise [that] and don’t break the rule,” he shared in January. “Family always comes first, and I always say kids still love T-I-M-E. That’s what we really believe and Duke gets a lot of our time, we spend a lot with him and that’s certainly priority number one.”

Giuliana agreed, adding, “Bill and I decided to do something new this year and do a family resolution, so we created a resolution where every week, we’re carving out one night where we don’t just have dinner, but we also make it more special where we pick a recipe we’ve never tried before and cook a meal we’ve never cooked before. Then we have a game night with Bill, myself, my son — where we introduce him to new games.” These two are definitely nailing the whole marriage and parenting thing!

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