Could George Clooney be ready to walk down the aisle with fiancée Amal Alamuddin in four short months? Apparently, as new sources claim the couple will wed on September 12.

The duo, who began dating in October 2013 and became engaged last month, may have settled on the date but are currently debating on where to hold the nuptials, according to reports.

“September 12 is the date they are aiming for. Everyone thinks they will marry in Lake Como, where George owns a beautiful home, but Amal feels that is too public,” a source close to the barrister shares.

george clooney

George’s villa in Lake Como, Italy

“They are looking to host a small wedding in an Italian village where they can control the photographers. But they haven’t decided yet,” the insider tells Britain’s HELLO! magazine. “They will then have big parties for her relatives in Lebanon and London.”

After the pair’s recent visit to Highclere Castle in Surrey, England — where period drama Downton Abbey is filmed — reports speculated the wedding could take place at the famous landmark.

“George loves the idea of marrying at the castle, because it’s a glamorous place he could secure,” a source previously told the mag of the possibility.

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Though many details are still up in the air, it’s clear the movie star is making major changes to appease his bride-to-be.

His close friends were surprised by his decision to move to London, where Amal currently resides. “Amal’s engulfed in her work and he’s a fawning schoolboy,” a George pal tells Closer. “He’ll be orbiting around her sun!”

But despite being putty in his 36-year-old fiancée’s hands, a confidante tells Closer a prenup is without a doubt part of the equation.

amal alamuddin

The brunette beauty recently flashed her stunning ring from the “Ocean’s Eleven” star

“George loves Amal, but he’s not stupid,” the insider tells Closer of the 53-year-old, who is worth an estimated $160 million. As an attorney, “Amal is confident enough not to be threatened,” the confidante adds.

For anyone who’s seen the couple recently, it’s no surprise they’re ready to tie the knot so quickly.

“It was very romantic to see George and Amal together,” an eyewitness tells Closer of the pair’s engagement party on May 11 in LA. “You can tell they are very much in love.”