For 13 years, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have been happily married and, in a new interview with Us Weekly, the couple credited their longtime relationship to never wanting to be apart.

“You get to see your wife in ways you never thought you would,” Garth, 56, said. “I gotta tell you, there’s not a build that we leave that I’m not more in love with her than when we got there.” How sweet! 

Garth loves to spend every waking moment with his 53-year-old wife too and playing sports allows them spend even more quality time together.

“She’s one hell of an athlete right here, so we do a lot of sports. I watched her play ice hockey in full gear, and again, man, you talk about being in love with somebody. When you look great in full hockey gear, that’ll fill your heart right there,” he said.  

Even when Garth or Trisha is on tour, they don’t like to be away from each other. Trisha admitted that they never make rash decisions when planning their tour dates. “We plan our dates so that we can get back together as soon as possible,” she shared and when they are together, they do the sweetest things for one another.

“He makes me coffee every morning — and he doesn’t drink coffee!” Trisha explained and Garth added, “She, in these days of texting. She’ll write me handwritten notes. I keep them all and when they bury me I betcha there will be five billion notes in there, and they’ll all have her signature on them.” 

If Garth and Trisha do argue, he credits their age for helping them resolve problems quickly. “We have gotten past that ‘Screw you, I’m just gonna walk off and not address it’ thing. We sit there and just keep hashin,’ hashin,’ until at least we under stand what the other one is saying,” he shared.