Well here’s some bad news for all: Forest Whitaker and his wife Keisha Nash have decided that it’s time to shut the door on their marriage and call it quits.

According to documents obtained by Closer Weekly — with The Blast being the first outlet to report this news — Forest, 57, and Keisha, 46, are no more after 22 years of marriage. The Panic Room and Black Panther actor filed court documents on Thursday, Dec. 27, so yeah, that is usually a sign that a marriage is no more. Forest and Keisha literally had a Hollywood romance after meeting on the set of the 1994 film Blown Away. And guess what? They were playing each other’s on-screen love interests. And now after learning that bit of information they seriously can’t split up. Love is a lie if they split.

Forest and Keisha
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Upon meeting, Forest and Keisha began dating and married two years later in 1996 in Jamaica. Together they have had two daughters, 22-year-old Sonnet and 20-year-old True. These are the only kids that the pair has had together but Forest also has a son from a previous relationship, 28-year-old Ocean, and Keisha additionally has a child from another relationship, 27-year-old daughter Autumn.

No word yet as to what the cause of the divorce is, but Forest did recently tweet this: “Christmas is a celebration of solidarity — a time of the year when we are reminded that the bonds our families, friends, fellow citizens, and beyond are based on sharing and bringing joy. #MerryChirstmas to you all!” Forest even included a gift emoji. Now, of course, this could mean anything, but it is interesting that he decided to tweet this just a few days before filing for a divorce.