Chip and Joanna Gaines are back in the Fixer Upper driver’s seat, this time with The Lakehouse spinoff! Not dissimilar to their previous limited series, each featuring one particular renovation over time, Fixer Upper: The Lakehouse will document the couple’s undertaking of a mid-century lakehouse near Lake Waco, Texas. Fans, of course, are eager to learn more about the premiere date, streaming platform, trailer and more. 

What Is ‘Fixer Upper: The Lakehouse’ About? 

Chip and Jo are taking on yet another meaningful project, this time focusing on the Lake Waco mid-century structure that needs some TLC. 

Viewers are set to “follow the full transformation of the property throughout the season as Chip and Joanna go above and beyond with surprising interior designs and unique outdoor installations never before seen on Fixer Upper,” according to the press release dropped while announcing the exciting limited series. 

Not only will the Lakehouse series show new design and construction mastery, but it will also serve as a commemoration of 10 years of Fixer Upper

“When Fixer Upper premiered 10 years ago, we couldn’t have imagined the journey we had ahead of us,” Chip and Jo said in a statement about their decade as the leading television renovators. “Though a lot has changed and evolved in the decade between then and now, our love for home is still at the heart of everything we do. We feel honored that we get to continue pouring into the stories of these homes across Waco.”

When Does ‘Fixer Upper: The Lakehouse’ Premiere? 

Fixer Upper: The Lakehouse premieres on June 2, 2024. Its six episodes will be dropped two at a time, spanning over three weeks. 

Where Is ‘Fixer Upper: The Lakehouse’ Streaming? 

Fans can watch the limited series on the Magnolia Network and HGTV as episodes air. The episodes will become available the following day on HBO Max and Discovery+. 

Watch ‘Fixer Upper: The Lakehouse’ Trailer 

What Other ‘Fixer Upper’ Series Have Been Released? 

Fixer Upper: The Lakehouse joins two other highly successful limited series for the Magnolia stars. Fixer Upper: The Castle dropped in 2022 and showed Chip and Jo renovating a stunning castle property that had been left to the wayside. The final result was a modern take on a traditional Texan landmark, and Jo was able to incorporate her signature design with original charm. 

Fixer Upper: The Hotel came soon after in 2023, and the couple revamped a historic building back to its 1928 studs. Located right next to their Waco destination, Magnolia Market, it was a slam dunk for Chip and Jo.