It’s been 10 years since fans and friends all around the world bid their final goodbye to the beloved Farrah Fawcett. Now, in honor of the 10-year anniversary since she passed, Charlie’s Angels costar Jaclyn Smith revealed she is still mourning the untimely and heartbreaking loss.

“Farrah was relentless in her fight,” Jaclyn, 73, gushed to People regarding the 3-year battle with anal cancer that ultimately took the actress’ life at age 62 on June 25, 2009. After choosing to go public with her cancer diagnosis, the Extremities actress eventually launched The Farrah Fawcett Foundation to raise money for research and education.

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Jaclyn said Farrah inspired others to get out there and fight for their lives. “Who would have dreamed that this girl who was known for the smile and the hair and the glamour would open up the depths of her soul to share with the world?” she said.

The Bourne Identity actress even opened up about the day Farrah told her she had cancer. “She said, ‘I always thought I might get breast cancer or heart disease but never this’ and she started to cry,” Jaclyn painfully recalled. “I never saw her cry after that.”

Although their decades-long friendship was kindled early on in their lives, Jaclyn said the two grew closer as Farrah’s days dwindled down. “Farrah brought me a German chocolate cake she’d made,” Jaclyn recalled of one of the last times they shared together. “Then I found her in my closet. Her legs were swollen [due to her treatment] but she wanted to try on a pair of my shoes. She was a true girlfriend.”

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On what would be her final visit, Jaclyn said she was doing everything she could to keep the Emmy nominee comfortable. “She was in pain and couldn’t stay still,” Jaclyn recounted to the outlet. “I was rubbing her feet, trying to make her feel better. And that relaxed her. We must have talked for three hours about our lives, about our children, about growing up in Texas. The time I spent with Farrah at the end was the best because we appreciated the friendship.”

Reflecting on their incredible friendship, Jaclyn said, “What I remember about Farrah is that as much of an 8-by-10 glossy as she was, she was the friend who cheered me on, the girl who loved her parents, the girl down the street,” she gushed. “I miss her every day. A lot of people are gone now and that’s hard. I miss them and it’s OK to miss them.”

Farrah is always in our hearts too.