HGTV’s Erin Napier can attest that sometimes simple party decor is the way to go. The Home Town host and her husband, Ben Napier, threw their eldest daughter, Helen, a birthday party in the park to celebrate turning 6 — and fans can’t get over how effortless the setup was.

“Helen is turning 6, and mom and dad threw a fun party on the playground,” Erin, 38, captioned an Instagram post on Tuesday, January 2. “Can’t believe our oldest baby is so G R O W N.”

In one picture, Erin received a kiss on the cheek from Ben, 40, while sitting in the park. In another photo, the designer’s party decor was on display, featuring a balloon shaped like a cheetah, a cheetah print cake and a few trays of food.

“I cannot stress enough how much I love that you guys are this big successful family and your kid’s party looks like any other party one of our kids would have,” one person commented on the post. “It’s literally the best. Keep it up!!”

Another fan of the couple wrote, “It is truly so refreshing (this coming from a grandmother) to see a reasonable birthday party for a child. Thank you.”

Many others chimed in, praising Erin and Ben for the low-key celebration.

“I love that y’all celebrate in a simple and sweet way,” another one of Erin’s followers penned. “Some of these birthday parties are out of control for kids now.”

Ben Napier kisses Erin Napier on the cheek
Courtesy of Erin Napier/Instagram

The mom of two decided to offer up some party planning tips in the comments section after seeing the warm response.

“For a great birthday party, make an ugly but tasty themed homemade cake, get a balloon that provides the ‘theme,’ blow that balloon up at the dollar store, get a CFA nug tray and a Bluetooth speaker with a very good playlist that the grown-ups dig, tell everyone to meet up somewhere free and outdoors so they can go wild, BOOM rave reviews from the birthday girl: ‘this was the best day of my life!!!!’ cost: nug tray and 3 balloons. follow me for more lifestyle tips,” she wrote.

In addition to Helen, Erin and Ben are also parents to their youngest daughter, Mae, whom they welcomed in May 2021. On Helen’s 5th birthday last year, the TV star reflected on five wonderful years of motherhood.

“Maybe the hardest part of being a parent is the letting go of who they are at the end of each day,” Erin wrote alongside polaroids from the day she gave birth to her eldest daughter. “They change and grow in tiny fragments daily, becoming someone new, knowing more than they did, while we were just getting to know the person they were yesterday. I can’t wait to see what this year gives her.”