Most fans know Eve Plumb for portraying Jan Brady in The Brady Bunch from 1969 to 1974. The sitcom star married her first husband, Rick Mansfield, a few years after the show wrapped. Scroll below for details on her ex-husband and her current husband, Ken Pace.

Who Is Eve Plumb’s Ex-Husband, Rick Mansfield? 

Eve married Rick in 1979, a decade after she first rose to fame on The Brady Bunch. Not much is known about her first husband and the details surrounding their split. Their union was short-lived, ending in divorce in 1981. That same year, Eve reprised her role of Jan in the spinoff The Brady Brides. It was just one of the many spinoffs that blossomed after the iconic sitcom’s initial run. 

Eve continued to focus on finding work, landing roles in The Love Boat, The Facts of Life and later returning to the franchise that made her famous in the 1990 spinoff The Bradys. Years later, she opened her heart to finding love again on a path that led her to meet Ken, her second husband.

Eve Plumb Husband Ken Pace, Ex-Husband Rick Mansfield 

Who Is Eve Plumb’s Current Husband, Ken Pace?

Eve detailed how she decided to take her time with dating after her first marriage ended. 

“I had been dating someone [before] I met my husband and that didn’t work out, so I told my friends, I said, ‘You know what, send me your men. I’m looking to date,’” she recalled during a January 2011 interview with Natalie MacNeil. “I wasn’t looking to get married, but I was looking to be in a relationship with someone who liked me equally.”

She followed some advice her mom gave her about assessing a relationship after three months to decide whether or not it was worth pursuing any further. Ken, a business consultant, also approached the relationship with a rule of his own — not asking Eve to marry him until they had been together for a year. 

“That’s sort of a good cycle of getting to know someone and what their family’s like and all of the holiday things that go on,” the Fudge alum continued. 

Eve and Ken got married in 1995 and have remained happily in love ever since. The couple did not welcome any children together. She opened up about her decision not to start a family. 

“It’s just not something that appeals to me, and I know that it is a really hard job, and it’s not something that I was willing to take on,” Eve said about motherhood in a December 2015 radio interview.