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What Ever Happened to ‘Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight? Inside His Life After Finding Fame

For five years, ABC viewers were entranced by the adventures of Mike and Carol Brady and their blended family on The Brady Bunch. The show launched the careers of several of its young stars including Christopher Knight. Since the series aired its final season in 1974, fans have wondered what happened to the former teen icon. 

Born in 1957 in New York City, Christopher did not initially have dreams to pursue acting when he was a child. Instead, he focused on his academics and had his sights set on a completely different career path. 

“Matter of fact, I wanted to actually be a scientist,” the sitcom star said during a November 2019 episode of The Doctors. “Wanted to wear the lab coat. Wanted to have the beakers, the Bunsen burners. That was my dream.”

At just 12 years old, Christopher made his debut as Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch. Prior to his breakout role, he made cameos in a 1967 episode of Mannix and a 1968 episode of Gunsmoke. The television personality has long credited The Brady Bunch for giving him his big break, despite having reservations about the role at first.

“I was a young leading man and wanted to get beyond that, but at the same time, I had the feeling I was being tethered to the show and it was going to create a burden in being considered a serious adult,” Christopher told the New York Post in September 2019.  “But it became this thing that I owe everything to … what it really has provided is this wholeness with this community that’s huge. I’m a member of everyone’s family and that engenders this great outpouring of brotherhood and love.”

Though he was a part of one of the most iconic television series of all time, Christopher eventually ended up taking a step back from Hollywood to start his own business. But when it came time to ring in the 50th anniversary of the classic show in 2019, the Bold and the Beautiful alum did not hesitate to share his fondest memories with Closer

“It’s just a wonderful honor that I have done something that is beholden by so many, remembered by so many and that so many wish to thank us and remember us by continuing to consume the materials that are left behind,” he said at the time. “Beyond that, it might be a reflection of the times as well. … We’re probably in one of those periods right now, wishing that this complicated world that we live in was as simple as life seemed when we watched The Brady Bunch as kids.” 

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