It’s been a long time coming but it seems Eva Mendes is getting close to returning to a big screen near you.

According to Us Weekly, the 45-year-old is “looking to get back out there,” as she has been “auditioning again.” This will mark the first that that the actress is in a film since 2014, where she appeared in Lost River, which happened to be directed by her partner, fellow actor Ryan Gosling. The pair have been together since 2011.

They actually also shared a set in 2012’s The Place Beyond the Pines. In fact, Eva once recalled a standout moment from that movie.

Eva Mendes
Matt Baron/Shutterstock

“Flashing back to one of my favorite scenes from A Place Beyond the Pines,” the star wrote with a heart emoji on June 28. In the clip, Eva and Ryan’s characters spend time with their baby, in a very sweet, memorable point of the film. Speaking of babies, the couple have two kids of their own — daughters Esmeralda, 4, and Amada, 3,

Eva has spent some time away from the big screen to look after her children, as she once admitted that she’s very close to her little ones. “I think I am [strict]. There’s that term ‘helicopter parent,’ but aren’t you supposed to be a helicopter parent?” she asked. “I’m strict about what they eat, and what they wear, and what time they go to bed. And what they watch, so yeah.” However, now it seems like Eva is ready for her Hollywood return, and she would “absolutely” love to work with her man again.

Eva Mendes Ryan Gosling

“I’m excited to go back to work, it’s just not, like, I’m dying to do a movie again. So it has to be something really special,” Eva told Extra.

We can’t wait to see what film Eva ends up choosing to make her big Hollywood return. We’re sure it will be great!