Now that she is a mother, Eva Longoria has a lot of choices to make on how she wants to raise her sweet son. The Grand Hotel actress, who welcomed baby boy Santiago in June 2018, recently opened up about the crucial importance of teaching her first child to respect and cherish women.

“I feel there’s more pressure to raise a good man today in this world and to make sure he understands equality and feminism,” the 44-year-old beauty admitted to Parents as their newest cover star, noting that she surrounds her son with strong, independent working women in order to help expand his social consciousness. “But it’s not about telling him, it’s about showing him in his everyday life.”

Bernardo Doral for ‘Parents’

And she does! Besides spending more quality time together, Eva loves bringing Santiago to work so he can be in a positive environment. The brunette beauty, who shares Santi with husband José Bastón, explained that she enjoys taking her little bundle of joy on the set of her new ABC television series considering she hired a predominantly female production crew. Aww!

Since becoming a mother, Eva — who is not only one of the founders of the Time’s Up movement but also an outspoken advocate for women — had only become more passionate about equality and feminism. The Dora and the Lost City of Gold actress got candid about the perceptions of being a Hollywood mother.

“I do think there has to be a normalization within Hollywood to make sure that motherhood is accepted in a wider way,” Eva shared with the magazine. “Many times, [after becoming a mom,] you no longer get the sexy roles, or you have to take time off until you’re looking a certain way.”

Eva Longoria heads out for the evening with her husband José Bastón and their baby

Unlike most moms, Eva didn’t even wait long before returning to her career after giving birth to Santi last year. In fact, she was already back in her director’s chair just six weeks following the little guy arrived. “Going back to work was hard. Breastfeeding while working was hard, just for the timing of the pumping and the feedings and the sleeping and the not sleeping,” she admitted. “You just do it and get it done.”

Santiago is so lucky to have such a confident, strong and inspiring mama!