Long-lost brothers? Home Town fans seem to think that host Ben Napier looks like Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce. Ben’s wife, Erin Napier, weighed in on the media frenzy surrounding their resemblance in an Instagram Story posted on Tuesday, January 23.

“The Kelce brothers are sort of everywhere in our face lately, and one of them gives me and apparently some of y’all Ben Napier vibes,” she wrote.

The graphic designer gave credit to Donna Kelce, mother of Jason, 36, and his younger brother, Travis Kelce.

“I think their mama did something right,” Erin, 38, added.

Just like Jason, Ben, 40, is a proud girl dad! The craftsman shares daughters Helen and Mae with Erin, while the NFL player is a dad to daughters Wyatt, Elliotte and Bennett with wife Kylie Kelce.

In a recent Instagram post, Erin captured candid photos of Ben as he received a makeover from Mae, 2. “Beauty shop!” the New York Times bestselling author captioned the post. Similarly, Kylie’s Instagram account is full of sweet shout-outs to her husband and his bond with their three girls.

For Ben, watching his daughters grow up and make memories together in Mississippi has been a huge blessing.

“I was already a softie, but now Helen will be dancing to Haim in the morning … while Mae is toddling around eating a banana. I’m a puddle,” the woodworker told Entertainment Tonight in April 2023. “They’re just so little and innocent. I’ve never been worried about getting older or mortality or anything until I had little girls. Now I can’t stop it, I can’t hold onto it … It is the worst and the best.”

Ben Napier plays with daughter Mae
Courtesy of Erin Napier/Instagram

Jason previously gushed about his kids’ resemblance to him and Kylie, 31.

“I would say, definitely, [there are] strong Kelce genes,” Jason shared during an episode of his “New Heights” podcast. “Ellie looks very much like Kylie’s baby pictures. Wyatt, I think, is very much like my personality [and she’s] got my brows, my furrow. Her facial features are very similar [and] she’s very emotional.”

In addition to melting fans’ hearts with their amazing parenting skills, Ben and Jason are both also known for rocking beards. Additionally, they both love Christmas, with Ben dressing up as Santa Claus on multiple occasions for events and Jason famously performing Christmas songs with a huge smile on his face.