After decades of performing around the world, Elton John decided to step back from superstar life to be a family man at home. His last tour, Farewell Yellow Brick Road, kicked off in the U.S. in September 2018 and concluded in 2023.

Looking back on the moment he became a dad, the Oscar winner — who married husband David Furnish in 2014 after being together since 1993 — said everything changed. Elton and the Canadian filmmaker welcomed both of their kids via surrogacy: Zachary in 2010, and Elijah in 2013.

Who Is Elton John’s Son Zachary Furnish-John?

Zachary was born on December 25, 2010, via surrogate in California. At the time of his birth, Elton noted his mixed feelings about raising his son with two dads. “It’s going to be heartbreaking for him to grow up and realize he hasn’t got a mummy. But he’s so happy. I’ve never seen a more contented child,” he told the BBC.

“And you have never seen two more contented people as David and I,” he added. “I want Zachary to have a brother or a sister to go to school with him, and so that he can have someone to play with.”

Fortunately, Elton and David gave Zachary a little brother, Elijah, and the two have become very close over the years. In addition to being spotted in cute photos on their dads’ social media accounts, but Zachary, as well as Elijah, have been photographed out and about many times.

In a December 2021 interview with The Mirror, David shared details about his eldest son’s personality. Zachary has become “obsessed” with fishing after learning about the sport by watching YouTube videos and reading magazines.

“The fact he’s run into this and enjoys it so much, I’m just thrilled with because it’s outdoors, it’s the fresh air and it’s all really meditative to get the patience and the joy out of standing and catching fish in any environment,” the filmmaker said.

David Furnish with his kids
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Who Is Elton John’s Son Elijah Furnish-John?

The couple’s second child was born via the same surrogate on January 11, 2013.

While chatting with People shortly after the little one’s arrival, Elton revealed the two weren’t as apprehensive this time around. “We tried to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere,” he shared. “We were excited at the prospect of Elijah’s birth as we were at the prospect of Zachary’s — but much less nervous.”

David added, “I would say we feel more secure in our parenting skills now — it’s far less scary than the first time ’round!”

By the looks of how happy Elijah looks in snapshots with his family, there’s no doubt Elton and David are doing a great job at raising him. Elton admitted that he never could have predicted that he would be a father of two.

“If you’d had said to me 10 years ago I’d be sitting on your show married to the man I love and have two beautiful children I would have said, ‘You put acid in my drink.’ But life throws you challenges and life throws you curveballs — great curveballs — and these two children have come along at a time I never thought I’d have children,” he said during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2016. “There’s no words to describe how much we love these boys. They’re just amazing.”