Drew Carey always encourages audience participation on The Price Is Right, but the host got a little more than he bargained for during a recent episode. During the November 3 broadcast, an audience member rushed onto the stage while the cameras were still rolling.

The segment began with a contestant being asked to guess the price of a new sedan on stage. The camera panned to the audience, which was full of people shouting out suggestions. One woman held up her fingers to help the contestant, sure that the answer was $25,780. The contestant ended up going with that answer and it turned out to be correct.

As Drew, 65, congratulated the man on winning a new car, the woman from the audience ran up onto the stage. The comedian appeared to be at a loss for words as he watched her whiz past him and hug the winner. It turns out that the audience member had a special connection to the man on stage — she is his mom!

“We’re running amok here on The Price Is Right stage,” Drew told viewers at home after watching it all go down.

It is not typical to see family members of contestants join them on stage after winning a prize on the show. But it seems like viewers at home enjoyed seeing the candid moment caught on camera.

“Oh, I can’t even begin to say what I might do if I see one of my offspring win a pricing game on your stage,” one person wrote in a comment on a clip from the episode on the show’s official Instagram page.

Another penned, “That was hilarious. I was like, ‘Where is she going?’”

Drew Carey makes surprised face while standing in front of a slot machine
Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Global Gaming Expo

Since taking over hosting The Price Is Right from Bob Barker in 2007, Drew has certainly had his fair share of unique experiences on the show. The sitcom star learned so many valuable lessons from Barker before his death on August 26.

“I’ve learned to relax while I’m onstage and not be so uptight about what’s going on. I just have to own the show and make it like my living room, because he was so comfortable in front of a camera,” Drew told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on September 18. “He always seemed in control [like] everything’s going to be fine. I don’t always think like that! But I can fake it through an hour.”

Another lesson Drew learned in his 16 years as host is that there’s one thing that keeps viewers tuning in each season.

“It’s the contestants, absolutely,” the Ohio native explained. “People want to see regular people like them losing their minds on TV and having their best day. The viewing audience almost always sees somebody they can relate to in some kind of way. … It’s just average people having the best day of their lives. That’s the secret sauce of the whole show.”