If you’re stressed out about coronavirus, then don’t worry. Donny Osmond has the answer for you! The 62-year-old musician shared a clip of himself singing a brand new song called “Start Again” to Instagram on Friday, March 20.

“Hello, everyone. I’m sitting in my recording studio here at home and I was just thinking that we’re all so isolated and separated from each other, and rightly so because of this horrible coronavirus that’s going on around the world, affecting the entire planet. I thought is there something small I could contribute?” he said.

Donny Osmond
Larry Marano/Shutterstock

“Something I could do to loosen up the burdens of maybe a few people here and there, and I thought well, music you know?” Donny continued. “Music is such an international language and I have been singing since I was 5 so [I thought] maybe [I’d] sing a song.”

The Masked Singer alum then explained how his new tune came to be. “Well, I wrote this song on the bus. It’s for the new album. I don’t know whether it’s going to make the cut or not. We’ll see,” Donny said. “I haven’t made that decision yet, but the lyrics are quite appropriate for what we’re all going through because it seems like we’re all slowing our lives down for a bit and maybe appreciating each other a little bit more. And it gives us a chance to hit that reset button and start over. Start again.”

While playing the piano, Donny belted out the lyrics for all of his fans to hear. “Just keep believing⁣ / And keep on fighting⁣ / Don’t give up or give in carry on⁣,” he sang. “Cause it’s never never never⁣ / Never too late ⁣to start again.” ⁣

Donny Osmond

We don’t know about you, but we just shed a tear. The “Puppy Love” singer captioned the video, “In difficult times like this, we need the unifying power of music now more than ever. Sharing a brand new song with the hope of boosting your spirits.”

Donny is right. Music does have the power to make anyone feel better!

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