It seems like we’re not the only Donny Osmond super fans out there! On Wednesday, May 29, the 61-year-old star shared the cutest photo to Instagram of a little girl choosing him as her subject for the school fair.

“11-year-old Kayla does a pretty good impression of me, don’t you think?” Donny hilariously captioned a photo of the kid dressed up like the “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” singer. “They had a celebrity fair at her school and she chose to be me. 😎I hear she’s a big @maskedsingerfox fan. Feeling pretty honored by this, Kayla. You made my day!” Ours too, Donny!

Kayla’s presentation was so well done that she included a couple photos of Donny throughout his successful career. She had one pic of him dressed up as the peacock on The Masked Singer, another of him with his sister, Marie Osmond, and two more snaps of the singer posing for the camera.

“How lovely. You have captured everyone’s heart ❤️no matter what age x,” one of Donny’s fans wrote in the comments. Another said, “So sweet! It must touch your heart to have such a precious little fan 💜.” A third added, “It is a blessing to see that no matter how old you get you are still making a positive influence on new generations. I have followed you since your first appearance on The Andy Williams show. I love the whole Osmond family. Thank you!”

Kayla’s adorable presentation reminds us a lot of the one that Marie’s niece did on her in late March. “Emy, I am so honored that you would choose me,” Marie wrote via Instagram. “I love you with all my heart my sweet great niece and yes, we only girls have to stick together!!! 😉😂👍 -Auntie M.”

Like Kayla, Emy wore a wig and decorated her poster board to include photos of the “Paper Roses” singer throughout her career. The only difference was that Emy brought a huge microphone with her and pretended to sing like her amazing aunt.

What a great idea for a school presentation!