Kate Middleton is a supermom in the eyes of royal fans! Not only is she a mom-of-three, but she’s also the Duchess of Cambridge and carries out tons of public events as a member of the royal family each year. And now that she’s welcomed her baby son Prince Louis and as still managed to make a plethora of appearances, many are curious: does she breastfeed?

The 36-year-old has never publicly spoken out about breastfeeding, but there have been signs after her past three births (she’s also a mom to son Prince George, 4, and daughter Princess Charlotte, 3) that she may breastfeed.

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It’s also unclear if older members of the royal family have breastfed, but ABC News royal correspondent Victoria Arbiter revealed in 2013 that the late Princess Diana was the first person to do so. “Diana is largely reported to be the very first mother within the royal family to breastfeed,” she previously shared. “Of course, that’s hard for us to know for certain, but Queen Victoria was adamant that she found breastfeeding disgusting. She thought babies were ugly, and she didn’t really enjoy any part of being pregnant, yet she had nine children.”

It was also reported back in 2013 by The Mirror that Kate did breastfeed George. “It would be fair to say that Prince George has a healthy appetite. He is a very hungry little boy,” an insider told the news outlet at the time. “After some help from the midwife, they both caught on very quickly. As far as I can tell, Kate finds it very relaxing and George is just like any other little baby.”

Aside from the rumors, though, there are another few signs that fans could see that could insinuate Kate breastfeeds. For example, Kate has been known to quickly bounce back into her pre-pregnancy body after giving birth. When you breastfeed, you burn calories quicker and subsequently could lose weight faster, so that might explain why she looks so fabulous.

On top of that, Kate has worn maternity dresses in the past that are designed for mothers who are nursing. “She’s ordered a couple of breastfeeding styles from us,” owner of Séraphine, Cecile Renaud, previously told E! News after Kate wore a lavender dress from the designer after giving birth to George. We wonder if she’s stocked up since welcoming Louis!

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