Hollywood heartthrob John Corbett has played a loving father in a number of memorable films and television series. Fans of the And Just Like That star have long wondered if he has any children of his own. Keep scrolling for details on his marriage, family and more. 

Is John Corbett Married? 

John married his wife, Bo Derek, in late 2020. The couple dated for almost 20 years before secretly tying the knot. The Sex and the City alum announced his nuptials to the world during an episode of The Talk with cohost Jerry O’Connell

“Jerry, I can’t believe that I forgot to tell you that around Christmastime, we got married,” John gushed to his longtime friend during the August 2021 appearance. “Bo and I got married!”

Does John Corbett Have Kids? Family Details, Quotes

He gave the audience a closer look at his wedding ring before sharing details about their decision to walk down the aisle after two decades together. 

“We’re pretty private people. We didn’t make an announcement,” John said. “All our friends and family knew but this is the first time either one of us has said anything publicly about it because really, we haven’t had an opportunity. So, you’re my buddy and now I guess I’m telling all of America, or the world.”

Does John Corbett Have Kids?

John does not have any kids with Bo. The My Big Fat Greek Wedding star once shared his view on starting a family. 

“I’m not against marriage, but I think it’s the right thing to do if you’re going to have a family,” he told Access Hollywood in June 2010. “If you’re going to have kids, you should ultimately be married. Nothing against people who aren’t, but I think it’s a good thing to do to give that kid a foundation that feels stable, not just mommy and daddy are boyfriend and girlfriend, but we’re beyond that, I think. We’re beyond that, having kids.”

At the time, John shared that adopting kids in the future was “not out of my realm one day to do.”

A decade later, Bo explained the reasoning behind her decision not to start a family while juggling a career in Hollywood

“I thought about it at one time, but my life was so unconventional,” Bo told Variety in August 2020. “I think kids deserve at least a chance to have two parents that are committed but my life was so crazy. There were times I wouldn’t have a dog because my life was so crazy, let alone a child.”