For this week’s DIY Friday, Lifestyle Expert Ken Wingard and the ‘Home & Family’ team crafted a decorative Easter Nest Wreath — the perfect project for the first day of spring!

diy friday nest wreath

(Copyright 2015 Crown Media Family Networks/Photographer: Jeremy Lee)

Follow the instructions below to craft your own DIY Easter Nest Wreath!


  • Spray glue

  • Spanish moss

  • Green sheet moss

  • Twigs, feathers and other nesty what-nots

  • A few decorative eggs


  • Gather the Spanish moss into a nest-size ball and spray it all over with spray glue (best to wear some gloves!)

  • While wet, shape the moss into a nest shape

  • If needed use glue to help the nest hold shape

  • Using a glue gun, add bits of green moss (concentrate on partially covering the inside of the nest and having a few pieces curve other the top)

  • Go back and insert a few twigs around the outside

  • Add a feather here and there

  • You can also add a piece of silk ivy curving around the outside

  • Add a few eggs and nestle them into a few wreath

Watch Ken give a tutorial on how to craft the wreath in the following video!

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