It certainly seems like Diane Keaton is loving the single life, and that’s mainly because she hasn’t been on a date in over three decades!

The 73-year-old recently sat down with InStyle and discussed her dating life — or lack thereof. “Never. All right?” the legendary actress revealed, as she explained she has not been out on a date in quite some time. “Let’s just get that straight. That one’s important. I haven’t been on a date in, I would say, 35 years.”

Diane Keaton
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“No dates,” she continued. “I have a lot of male friends. I have a lot of friends, but no dates. No mwah-mwah.” Even those Diane hasn’t been out and about on a date in a while, does not mean she hasn’t been involved in a relationship. The Annie Hall star has been with Hollywood stars like Woody Allen and Warren Beatty in the past, although she has never tied the knot in her life. “I had some insane idea that I had to be ‘in love,’” the Oscar winner once said. “Now I see what it really takes: real consideration that you’re a good team together.”

As for the idea of saying I do, Diane said, “I don’t think about marriage a lot but I’m aware of the fact that I’m unusual in that regard. No one ever asked me [to marry them]. I think they got to know me and realized, ‘Oh, jeez.’” However, The Family Stone costar did once confess that she thinks she knows why men aren’t exactly eager to be with her.

“I hog conversations, I laugh too hard,” Diane said, nothing that she doesn’t really have time to regret anything in her life. “Maybe I did miss out on something,” she explained. “But then, nobody can have everything, right?”

Diane is an incredible, talented person, so of course we are all for her!