If you’ve seen Storage Wars, you will notice that more often than not they end up wasting their money on garbage. But not all storage units are filled with nothing but useless water-stained boxes, some actually have some treasures. Treasures like, I don’t know, a legendary actress’ lost wallet.

According to Daily News, a man named Anton Lulgjuraj purchased the contents of a unit from Life Storage in Brewster, New York. When going through the contents, the 45-year-old stumbled across a brown leather pocketbook. Inside that pocketbook? A stack of 32 personal photos and a 1966 driver’s license belonging to…Diane Keaton. That’s right, the 52-year-old wallet belonged to the 72-year-old Oscar winner most notably known for being Annie Hall herself. While the name on the driver’s license was Diane Hall, Anton recognized who the face on the photo was.

“I opened it up and thought, is this Diane Keaton the actress?” Anton recall. “It couldn’t be. Or maybe it could.” The photos Anton found included photos of who Anton believes is Diane as a child. Anton also found Diane’s Actors’ Equity card that expired in 1968. Anton still has no clue to how the Something’s Gotta Give actress’ pocketbook landed in a storage unit in Brewster. The storage unit was filled with stuff from a man named David Parent, an Air Force pilot who went to Fordham University. David’s belongings were put in the storage after his death.

Diane Keaton
Getty Images

Anton reveals that he’d been trying to reach out to the 70-year-old actress after finding the wallet in May of this year, with no response from the actress until recently. Diane took it to Twitter after learning of the shocking discovery.

“This is the craziest story! I don’t remember losing this but I’m not surprised because I’ve lost my wallet many times!” Diane said. “Thank you, Mr. Lulgjuraj!” No word yet if Anton will be giving the wallet back to Diane or if she will just let him keep it. And if you miss seeing Diane on the big screen don’t worry because 2019 will see her starring in a movie called Poms. Just read this synopsis thanks to IMDB: “POMS is a comedy about a group of women who form a cheer leading squad at their retirement community, proving that you’re never too old to ‘bring it!'”