Grace Adler and her BFFs are officially back on NBC! The Will & Grace revival premiered on Thursday, Sept. 28 and we couldn’t be more excited that the show has returned with a reboot. Naturally, fans have posed many questions about Grace’s Will & Grace storyline and what actress Debra Messing is up to today — scroll down for more details!

Did Grace Adler have a baby on Will & Grace?

Yes! In the series finale of Will & Grace‘s original run, Grace becomes pregnant after hooking up with her estranged husband, Leo (played by Harry Connick, Jr.), on a plane. The two later remarry, welcome a daughter, Laila, and return to NYC after living in Italy. It was then revealed through a series of time jumps that besties Will Truman (Eric McCormack) and Grace hadn’t spoken in 20 years until they accidentally ran into each other while moving their children into the same dorm at college. Laila and Will’s son, Ben — whom he had with husband Vince D’Angelo (Bobby Cannavale) — later marry at the series’ end.

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Debra as pregnant Grace on Will & Grace. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

So, now that Will & Grace is back, how do Grace and Will’s families fit into the reboot’s storyline? Surprisingly, they don’t. During a previous interview, executive producer and show creator David Kohan confirmed the remake will basically just erase the fact that Will and Grace were both parents in the series finale. “When the decision was made to bring the series back, we were like, ‘Well, we left them with kids, right?’ And if they have children, then it has to be about them being parents, because presumably, it would be a priority in their lives. And if it wasn’t a priority in their lives, then they’re still parents, they’re just bad parents, right? We frankly did not want to see them being either good parents or bad parents. We wanted them to be Will and Grace.”

During the remake’s premiere, Will and Grace’s friend Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) helped explain why Ben and Laila aren’t included in the new show. While hanging out at Will and Grace’s NYC apartment, Karen fell asleep and when she was awoken by Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes), she confusingly exclaimed, “What’s going on? What’s happening? Who won the election?” She continued, “I had the craziest dream. Will was living with a swarthy man in uniform and Grace was married to a Jew doctor.” Will then chimed in to perfectly set up the reboot’s updated plot. “That never happened,” he told Karen to which she quipped, “Oh, what a relief! Nobody wants to see you two raise kids.” Too funny!

Was Debra Messing actually pregnant while filming Will & Grace?

Yes! Debra was pregnant with her son, Roman Walker Zelman, during Season 6 of the hit show. Roman, whose dad is the actress’ ex-husband Daniel Zelman, is now 13 years old. During Debra’s real-life pregnancy, fans criticized Will & Grace showrunners for how they hid her baby bump on the series. Throughout Season 6, Grace — who typically dressed in chic, tight-fitting outfits — started wearing more loose clothing and Debra very obviously hid her growing belly by holding various objects in front of her. At the end of her pregnancy, Debra had to leave Will & Grace for the last four episodes of the sixth season.

Is Debra Messing pregnant now?

Rumors have recently swirled that Debra may be expecting again, but she’s not pregnant — as far as we know! Right now, the Emmy winner is a busy working mom who just wants to hang with her son, Roman, as much as she can! “I never spend enough time with my son. Never. I always want more,” she has said. So how does Debra juggle her acting career and motherhood? “I am a success when I feel like I have a balance of the things that are important to me. The times when I was not happy or not fulfilled were when I was neglecting certain parts of myself, whether it was neglecting to be a great mom or being completely there at work. It’s an act of balance,” she once said.

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