It’s nearly impossible to turn on the Hallmark Channel without seeing a film or series starring Dan Jeannotte. The leading man has helped bring some of the network’s most alluring love stories to life, and in his personal life, he was able to find the woman of his dreams — his wife, Heidi Hawkins.

Who Is Dan Jeannotte’s Wife Heidi Hawkins?

Like Dan, Heidi has an impressive acting resume, with more than a dozen credits to her name. The Canadian performer has appeared in 2006’s Deaden, 2009’s Reverse Angle, 2012’s Upside Down and more. She also earned one credit as a costume designer for a video shot in 2002, per IMDb.

How Did Dan Jeannotte Meet Heidi Hawkins?

Dan and Heidi first met when they were starring together in a production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

“There was instantly something between us,” Dan told Streets of Toronto in September 2019. “But we couldn’t admit it because we were actually both in relationships at the time. Our characters get married at the end of the play, and we shared a kiss onstage. Somehow that kiss seemed to get longer during every performance.”

At first, the pair were unsure if they ever wanted to get married or just continue to date.

“One weekend we were in Saint-Sauveur, a lovely ski town north of Montreal. We were talking about the future. Should we stay in Montreal? Move somewhere else for our careers?” Dan recalled. “Heidi said, ‘You know, if we’re going to move to another city together, if we’re going to change our whole lives together — maybe we should just get married.’”

The Our Christmas Mural actor ended up popping the question, and the lovebirds got married in 2012. The director who cast Dan and Heidi in As You Like It was the officiant at their Montreal wedding.

Soon after they tied the knot, they were able to find their dream home and start a family together.

“We live on a farm in the Napa Valley,” Dan revealed. “We have 26 dogs, one for each letter of the alphabet. We own a souped-up RV, and we spend a few months every year on a road trip.”

Dan Jeannotte wears pink long-sleeve shirt and jeans
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Do Dan Jeannotte and Heidi Hawkins Have Kids?

Dan and Heidi welcomed one son together in 2015. Per his Hallmark bio, he “loves reading stories and spending time with his young son.” The Lease on Love star previously described the anticipation of waiting for his little one to arrive.

“Heidi was due right around the time when we were shooting the most recent Good Witch TV movie,” Dan revealed. “I spent a week and a half on set, obsessively checking my phone for any news from Heidi. Finally, the shoot was over, and there was a month-long hiatus starting on a Tuesday. Our son was born on Wednesday, 10 days past due! So either Heidi held him in until my schedule was all clear, or this little boy just has a great sense of timing.”