For Hallmark costars Katie Cassidy and Stephen Huszar, working together on a holiday film led them to realize they had more in common than they originally thought. Many of the network’s viewers have wondered if their romance off screen has withstood the test of time since their love first blossomed in March 2023.

How Did Katie Cassidy and Stephen Huszar Meet?

Katie and Stephen met when they were both cast as the romantic leads in Hallmark’s A Royal Christmas Crush. Once they began filming the movie in Canada in early 2023, sparks immediately flew.

“We obviously [were] professional and kept it that way. However, I felt as though it’s almost like there was this layer because he and I kind of knew this secret thing that nobody else knew,” she told Us Weekly in June 2023. “And we could let our guard down when our characters were supposed to and allow space to fall into one another. I almost feel like that added a certain type of element to it. We just couldn’t help it.”

Stephen echoed Katie’s sentiment about keeping their relationship private until they were bursting with adoration for one another.

“It’s certainly important to keep it professional. As we did, but, you know, feelings come up,” he agreed. “And personally, for me, it just allows me to land a little bit more in truth. I mean, our job is obviously to be as truthful as we can in these circumstances that are surreal, unreal. But when something is actually triggering truthfully inside you, of course, that helps.”

The pair spent a lot of time together away from the set and discovered some common interests, including crystals.

“I think we went for lunch or something, and I noticed his crystals. I love crystals. And we started bonding over spirituality, and I started to get to know the real Stephen,” Katie told Entertainment Tonight in July 2023.

She publicly confirmed their relationship with a selfie shared on Instagram in June 2023, writing, “Welp, cats out of the bag,” alongside the intimate beachside picture.

Katie Cassidy smiles in selfie with Stephen Huszar
Courtesy of Katie Cassidy/Instagram

Has Katie Cassidy Ever Been Married?

Katie was married to Matthew Rodgers from 2018 to 2021. After their split, she revealed she was back on the dating scene.

“I have been dating, yes,” the Melrose Place actress told People in March 2022. “It’s fun. It was weird during the pandemic, but also again, I think I needed that pause and reset to heal.”

She continued, “I think if I’m supposed to meet someone, I’ll meet them naturally, organically,” adding, “The way the world, [the] universe wants it to be.”

Are Katie Cassidy and Stephen Huszar Still Together?

After falling in love on set, Katie and Stephen are still together. On November 16, 2023, the Arrow alum posted an Instagram photo kissing her beau with the caption, “Partner in crime.” A week before, they took a romantic trip to Tulum, Mexico.

“There are no words to describe the love and appreciation I have for this man,” Katie gushed in another sentimental post in October 2023. “Thank you for making me smile every day and always leading with your heart first. You continue to amaze me.”