Believe it or not, Cindy Crawford has graced magazine spreads for more than 30 years, and she is showing no signs of slowing down as she recently revealed why she continues to model, and how her young daughter doesn’t exactly have a ton of advantages in the industry.

The 53-year-old sat-down with PorterEdit to discuss many things in her career, including how she’s remained relevant, and why even though she’s a famous supermodel, her 17-year-old daughter, Kaia Gerber, who has her own modeling career, doesn’t exactly secure jobs left and right. “You would hope that some of your body of work over thirty years has some kind of staying power,” the House of Style alum said of her modeling career still going strong.” She continued, “But I keep wanting to do new stuff just to keep myself interested. It’s less inspiring when you’re trying to re-do old pictures of yourself. I just want to be around interesting people. That’s worth it for me.”

Cindy added, “I just do stuff that’s interesting to me. I do things that are fun, and I think that makes me relevant to my audience.” The mother-of-two has done more than just pose in her career, as she’s launched a furniture line and even cowritten a book. “I think there was this perception that I wasn’t modeling for a while,” she said. “I was working, but, not for, you know, Victoria’s Secret. Who I am today, that’s not me. What I think I was good at was seeing myself as a brand or understanding what Cindy Crawford the brand was. It’s all-American, sexy but approachable and so choosing different jobs that fit that image was one of the first things I was good at.”

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Kaia is also on the same route that her mother was around the same age, but Cindy revealed that her daughter isn’t landing jobs based on her family name. “Kaia had some advantages, she is my daughter and people know that,” Cindy, who is married to Rande Gerber, explained. “But when people say that I bought her a cover of a magazine, I think, if I was going to buy a cover for someone, it would be me! If I could get someone into a fashion show I would be getting it for myself.”

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And while she’s making sure that Kaia and her other child, Presley, 19, also a model, are shaping their careers on their own, she still makes sure to protect them like any mother would of their kids — especially when they’re attacked on social media.

“I can’t believe how hateful people can be,” Cindy said. “As much as people put garbage on my Instagram, it doesn’t bother me. But when they do it to my kids I think, grrr. But you’re not supposed to go after [the haters]. It’s shocking.” She added, “We’re becoming more immune to it because people just lash out. We have to be so politically correct in one way. If you’re not famous, you can say the most hateful stuff. God forbid you [as a celebrity] offend the wrong person.”

It seems like this is one family that will continue to support each other through it all!