Cool mom alert! Christina Aguilera recently took her kids there to Disneyland to meet the Disney princess Mulan and, from the looks of it, they had an epic day.

Christina, 39, posted a video to Instagram of her 5-year-old daughter, Summer Rain, saying hi to a woman dressed as the beloved character. Since her daughter was a little bit shy, Christina introduced them while Summer held onto her arm.

The trio later took a photo with the singer’s 12-year-old son, Max Bratman, and her fiancé, Matthew Rutler. “Fun family weekend at @disneyland ❤️❤️❤️ Shoutout to Mulan 😘 20 years later and the movie and its music is still so special to us #HappiestPlace,” she penned the caption.

As Disney fans know, Christina sang “Reflection” in the hit Disney film Mulan, which came out in 1998. Donny Osmond was also a part of the all-star cast. He was the singing voice of Captain Li Shang and he famously sang “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.”

In the Burlesque star’s decades-long singing career, she has won five Grammys and has released eight studio albums. She credits all of her success to her two kids.

“My children constantly inspire me,” the former Voice coach previously gushed to E! News. “And I love being at home and cuddling with them in my sweatpants. I learn so much from them, and every day is a new and fun adventure. I couldn’t be more lucky to have Max and Summer, they are the lights of my life.”

Christina Aguilera family

“The best thing is seeing my children’s smiles everyday — knowing that they are happy makes me happy,” she added. The “Beautiful” singer’s favorite part of her day? When she gets to spend lazy mornings with her two adorable kiddos.

“We love to just get to lay in bed, cozy under the blankets and watch classic Disney movies,” she said. “There are two sides to me, which I like to keep very separate. There is a performing Christina, and then there me as a mom. It’s important for me to wear these different hats so I don’t bring work home with me.”