One person who might be a little disappointed that Daphne Oz gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on February 26? Her co-host on The Chew, Chef Michael Symon!

Chef Symon exclusively told Closer at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival that The Chew team has "a little pool going on based on when Daphne's gonna have the baby. She’s due March 6 — so everybody that works on the show, we have a pool for the date, boy or girl and the time." Symon told us his pool date was March 2.

Congratulations! Dr. Oz Welcomes His Very First Grandchild!

"I’m hopeful I’ll win. I gave Daphne the stats and I told her to push very hard for this!" the longtime owner of Lola Bistro in Cleveland, OH told us.

Even though the baby — Daphne's first with husband John Jovanovic — came early, Chef Symon, and the rest of the co-hosts, are prepared to throw the new mom a big celebration. "We have something very special planned for her," he shared.

Hopefully the notoriously competitive chef won't take it too hard — especially since he's still glowing from his People's Choice win at The Amstel Light Burger Bash on Feb 21. "To get the fourth win was very, very exciting. We got a late push," said Symon.

You win some, you lose some!