In the latest issue of Closer Weekly, on newsstands now, Ten Commandments star Charlton Heston’s children reveal what their loving father was like off-screen.

“A lot of people look at him as this overly conservative, rigid, Old Testament guy, but he wasn’t that sort of person at all,” Charlton’s son, Fraser Heston, tells Closer. “He was understanding, forgiving and loving as a husband, father and grandfather.”

“He had a big personality and a deep, passionate laugh,” his daughter, Holly, tells Closer. “He loved life. He was warm, outgoing and all encompassing. He would walk into a room and it would change because he had such a presence.”

charlton heston getty images

Charlton with his family in 1962.

“His life was his family in many ways,” Holly adds. “He loved his work, but his family meant so much to him.”

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Charlton doted on his three grandkids — Fraser’s son, Jack, and Holly’s children, Ridley and Charlie. “They were the apples of his eye, as it should be,” Fraser gushes to Closer. “He spoiled them with good things. He didn’t just give them toys and extravagant gifts. He gave them his time, which is the most valuable thing you can possibly give a child.”

charlton heston getty images

Charlton in The Ten Commandments.

“My kids were young when he died, but they can tell you a lot about him,” Holly tells Closer. “I share with them who he was and what he believed in and all the wonderful influences he had on my life.”

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Although he suffered from Alzheimer’s later in life, his children tell Closer that “he’d done everything he wanted to do. There were no empty buckets on his bucket list.”

For the full interview with Charlton Heston’s children, pick up the latest issue of Closer Weekly, on newsstands now!