After the success of The Crown, there’s little wonder that the world needs more royals on their TV.

This week it’s been confirmed the BBC will be releasing a brand new telemovie called King Charles III, which is based on the Tony-winning play of the same name. Charlotte Riley is the actress portraying Kate Middleton and she admits it a rather daunting task.

The film imagines what the beginning of Prince Charles’ reign as king would be like. Given last week’s news about Prince Philip retiring, this may be an insight into the future.

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Charlotte in April 2017.

In King Charles III, Kate has been given a slight Lady Macbeth-esque character, with Charlotte describing her portrayal as cunning and even a bit manipulative.

“She’s just being pragmatic,” the 35-year-old actress told The Guardian. “She’s saying: ‘Come on, guys. It’s s— that the only way I can connect with the public is by being a bloody clotheshorse, but if I have to do that for the monarchy to stay relevant, then so be it. Let’s suck it up. And I’m sorry, Charles, but we’re relevant and you’re not any more.’ I like to think she’s a powerhouse behind closed doors.”

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Charlotte — who is married to fellow actor Tom Hardy — admitted she had fun researching the role. “I dived deep into YouTube,” she confessed. “I became obsessed with finding people’s phone footage of her, to see her slightly more relaxed and unguarded. Although she’s always on public display to some extent. She must be acutely aware of being watched the entire time.”

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Charles and Kate in 2012.

While it is a privilege to portray such an incredible figure in royal history, Charlotte’s family found the whole thing very amusing, with the star admitting they “howled with laughter” over the casting.

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Charlotte also shared that she felt a kinship with the 35-year-old royal. Like Kate, the star is also a mother raising her child in the spotlight. “She must be fiercely protective of her children,” she mused. “William grew up with all that scrutiny but she didn’t. It must be hard having to share your kids with the nation. I keep my family very private, but I’m not under a fraction of the pressure she is.”

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