During dental surgery last week, Charlie Sheen reportedly threatened both his dentist and a technician after they attempted to place a nitrous oxide mask over his mouth.

According to TMZ, the technician claims the 49-year-old allegedly pulled a knife and attacked when she did so. She removed herself from the setting, and allowed the actor's security, personal dentist and oral surgeon to enter. No injuries were reported.

The technician claims the Wall Street star's bodyguard also told the dentist Charlie was high on rock cocaine at the time.

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The Golden Globe winner, who has a history of drug abuse, is said to now be under police investigation for possible battery and felony assault with a deadly weapon following the troubling incident.

Charlie's lawyer, Marty Singer, has since claimed the allegations are "completely fabricated," adding, "No bodyguard made the absurd statement to the dentist. Charlie had a bad reaction to the noxious gas put in his mouth and nose."

This alleged episode occurred just days before production on the actor's TV series, Anger Management, was forced to shut down after the father-of-five injured his chin. His rep explained the accident happened after Charlie jumped into the shallow end of his pool.

TMZ was the first to report the incident.