When you think of American Idol (and who doesn’t?), you probably think of two people who have gone ahead and been more successful than anyone ever imagined. You think of Kelly Clarkson, of course. And you also think of Carrie Underwood. And while the former is well known for her humbleness, Carrie’s husband, Mike Fisher, 38, wants everyone to know just how humble his wife has remained through the years, even with all her success.

Earlier this week, the 35-year-old country singer — who happens to be pregnant with her second child — was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. And because he wants some positive husband points, Mike went ahead and took to Instagram to write the kindest of words about his wife.

“Congrats, @CarrieUnderwood on the Oklahoma hall of fame induction!” Mike wrote. “God has given you one of the best voices, crazy work ethic, and [a] platform you’ve never taken for granted. You’ve remained humble in all the success and never craved the attention or fame one bit. Thanks for always being the small town girl from Oklahoma even [though] your one of the biggest [stars]! Love you lots!”

Look, I’m not going to be the guy that says maybe Mike was so excited to write this message that he used the wrong “your.” No, I won’t be that guy.

Carrie was honored at the event alongside Ree Drummond from Pioneer Woman, a show I know my mom is crazy about. “I’m honored to be here with these great, amazing Oklahomans and celebrating a big part of what makes us us,” Carrie said during her acceptance speech. “I have been so blessed. But my biggest blessing and one of the things I’m most proud of is something I had nothing to do with — being born in Oklahoma.”

It is always nice to see couples supporting each other. I fully expect Carrie to tell Mike, who is a former professional hockey player, just how proud she is of his hockey accomplishments. That is if she’s one of the five people out there who watch hockey.