They say whenever you make plans, God laughs. Well, Carrie Underwood originally thought she was going to have two kids close in age when she first welcomed her 4-year-old son, Isaiah Fisher, in 2015. However, life turned out completely different for the American Idol alum as she had her second son, Jacob Fisher, nearly 1, in 2019.

“We initially, in our lives, kind of wanted our kids a little closer in age,” the “Cry Pretty” singer, 36, recently revealed to People about her and husband Mike Fisher‘s desires. “That didn’t happen, because God has a different plan sometimes.”

Instead of worrying about it, Carrie decided to look on the bright side. By having a son that’s a couple of years older than his sibling, she learned that Isaiah can be an even better older brother to Jacob.

“Being almost 5 years old, he’s just so helpful, and he looks out for his little brother,” the Oklahoma native gushed. “And he’s good at [obliging] when you ask him to do something; he’s a very task oriented child. So if you ask him to do something, he wants to feel helpful and he wants to do it and be a part of things.”

The pregnancies, however, were a bit different with both Jacob and Isaiah. Even though Carrie carried both of her children, she said her body took a while to “bounce back” after each son was born.

“After having my first kid,
 I felt like I bounced back fast. And then with Jake, it was like my body took a minute to get back to me.
 It was frustrating, because I’m like, ‘Why wasn’t it like the first time?’” she explained. “But I’m 4 years older. That also helped me shift my mindset — I’m still working hard, wanting to be the best me possible, but cutting myself slack and just thinking, ‘Be kind to yourself.’ It’s amazing what we [women] do to ourselves. We’re probably all our toughest critics.”

Everything happens for a reason — and we’re sure Carrie is beyond happy with her two adorable sons.