In 1966, Burt Ward shot to fame playing Robin in the television series Batman on ABC. After three successful seasons, he went on to garner over 40 acting credits before starting his own visual effects company in 2001. In between dazzling audiences as a caped crusader, and dedicating his life to animal activism, Burt became a father to two children: Lisa Ann Ward and Melody Lane Ward

Growing up, Burt performed in Rhapsody on Ice, an ice skating show owned by his father. The Hot Under the Collar actor was studying acting at UCLA and helping his father sell real estate before landing the role that he would later become famous for. Once the Batman opportunity came around, he was known as a bonafide star next to Adam West

“He and I got along incredibly well. Within five minutes of meeting, the two of us were laughing so hard they had to tell us to quiet down,” Burt told Closer exclusively in January 2022. “We just clicked. He was the funniest person I have ever met in my entire life.”

The year that Burt made his debut as Robin, he also became a father for the first time. He and his first wife, Bonney Lindsey, welcomed their daughter, Lisa, in 1966. The pair were divorced in 1967 after two years of marriage. The Fire in the Night star married Tracy Posner in 1990. Their daughter, Melody, was born in 1991. 

Burt Ward’s Kids: Meet the ‘Batman’ Actor’s 2 Daughters 
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Tracy and Burt run the non-profit Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions, providing shelter for dogs looking for their forever homes. The duo also started their own pet food company and have a tight bond as both spouses and business owners. 

“We have an unusual thing because we are together 24 hours a day. But, we love each other very much,” he continued. “We don’t always agree on everything, but we do think alike a lot of the time. I’ll start a sentence, and she finishes it. We support each other, and we believe in each other.”

After establishing quite the career for himself as one half of television’s most dynamic duo, Burt is more than happy with his life. He has since become a grandfather and a pop culture icon, more than five decades since he was thrust in the spotlight. 

“I’m very, very happy. I have a wonderful family, I have the most wonderful people I work with,” he told CNN in September 2002. “I’m the kid in the candy store.”

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Lisa Ann Ward

Burt’s eldest daughter Lisa also shares a passion for helping animals. She watched her father on television growing up and was blown away by his acting skills and dedication to the role of Robin.

“My Dad would have already been a superhero in my eyes even if he didn’t play one on TV, as probably most little girls love their daddies, but to actually know he was one made me very proud and I felt very protected!” she said in a January 2014 interview with 13th Dimension. “Also, meeting all of his fans, even today, they are so kind, loving and loyal. Hands down, one of the best parts is knowing that others appreciate and love my dad almost as much as I do!”

Lisa went on to say that she was “starstruck” around her father’s costar West. She did meet his children a couple of times and has continued to collect memorabilia from the Batman Series. “I’m grateful that my young adult children, 20 and 22, are getting to witness it! They seem to finally get it, that grandpa is actually ‘cool!’” she said at the time. 

Melody Lane Ward

Burt’s youngest daughter Melody grew up working with her parent’s dog rescue operation. She was just a toddler when the family moved from Los Angeles to Riverside County to focus on helping out dogs in need of homes. Though she has remained out of the spotlight for most of her life, she has accompanied her father to several events and appearances. 

Burt Ward’s Kids: Meet the ‘Batman’ Actor’s 2 Daughters 
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In January 2020, Melody joined her parents as her dad was being honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She also appeared at the 20th Century Superhero Legends Exhibit: Dedicated To Fight Evil with her parents in California.