In its latest issue, on newsstands now, Closer Weekly goes inside the fiery romance of Burt Reynolds and Sally Field — including interviews with friends and industry insiders that say despite the pair’s struggles with fits of jealousy and years of separation, their bond remains intact — even today.

“They were such a good team,” Sylvia Resnick, author of Burt Reynolds: An Unauthorized Biography and The Evolution of the Hollywood Heartthrob tells Closer Weekly. “They both had the same sense of humor. He likes to kid and so does she.”

burt reynolds and sally field

Burt and Sally in 1978.

Unfortunately jealousy and fame got in the way of their romance. “Burt got restless. He had a very self-destructive streak that way,” explains a pal. “Sally thought she could live with it, but it made her too upset and anxious.”

“I think all along, she wondered if she could really have Burt’s heart for the long haul,” a showbiz insider tells Closer.

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“Toward the end of their relationship, when Sally’s star started to rise in terms of her credibility and talent, Burt was resentful and competitive,” the pal tells Closer. “It was the death knell for their romance.”

burt reynolds

Burt and Sally in 1977’s Smokey and the Bandit.

Sally and Burt both went on to marry and divorce other people. And while the former sweethearts didn’t talk to each other for many years, neither forgot their powerful connection.

“Sally has shown concern and care about how Burt is doing, especially health-wise,” the pal says. “It’s funny — they went nearly 20 years without talking, but now it’s like they are warm old friends once again.”

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Adds Resnick, “There was some real magic there. I think they could still get back together under the right circumstances. But they are both too stubborn.”

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