He’s putting it all out there! For years there have been rumors that music legend Bryan Adams once dated Princess Diana. Earlier this year, the late royal’s former butler, Paul Burrell, allegedly told Australian star Lisa Oldfield that Di used to sneak Bryan into Kensington Palace. One of Bryan’s ex-girlfriends, Cecilie Thomsen, also reportedly once said Bryan had an affair with Diana.

“I knew Diana had an affair with Bryan,” she previously confessed, according to Daily Mail. “Bryan knew Paul Burrell very well and Paul was part of the inner circle around Bryan, and he also introduced him to Diana. The first time Bryan met Diana I wasn’t invited.” She added, “Ours was a stormy relationship and Bryan’s affair with Diana didn’t make it easier.”

princess diana and bryan adams

In 1984, Bryan also released a song titled “Diana” where he seemingly confessed his love for the princess. “The first time I saw you — was in a magazine. The next time was you was walkin’ ‘cross my television screen. I knew right there that I had to make you mine. The day that you married him — I nearly lost my mind,” the beginning of the song says.

And in a new interview on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Monday, June 25, Bryan opened up about the rumors that he and Diana were once an item. “There are many rumors that you and Princess Diana were once romantically involved,” host Andy Cohen said to Bryan. “Her butler said that he used to sneak you into Kensington Palace. How would you characterize your relationship with Princess Diana?”

Bryan responded with, “Great friends. And she didn’t sneak me in, I would just roll up.” Andy followed up with, “Friends with benefits?” to which Bryan responded, “Um, she was just… we were good friends.” We guess we’ll never truly know the real story!

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