When Brad Pitt and fiancée Angelina Jolie bought Château Miraval, a $60 million French estate, in 2012, one of the biggest draws was the adjoining 1,200-acre vineyard.

“We became impassioned with this place, which could produce its own wine, its own food, and become a place where artists could congregate and share ideas,” Brad gushes about the stunning property.

And now, two years later, the movie star has gone head first into the wine-making process, producing a highly-acclaimed rosé last year.

brad pitt

Brad and Angie’s estate, Château Miraval, located in France’s Provence region

“I’m a farmer now,” Brad admits. “I love learning about the land and which field is most suitable for which grape, the drama of September and October: Are we picking today? Where are the sugar levels? How is the acidity? Is it going to rain?

“It’s been a schooling for me,” he continues. “In the off months, I enjoy cleaning the forest and walking the land.”

Sounds like a far cry from the red carpets and movie sets he’s used to traipsing. “It’s very peaceful,” Brad says of his hobby, “the antithesis of…life in Hollywood. I’m instantly reminded what quiet sounds like.”

brad pitt

The estate’s top-rated Miraval rosé

When setting out to create his award-winning wine, the 50-year-old admits his compulsive nature forced him to strife for excellence.

“I asked the question, ‘Why can’t we make world-class wine in Provence?’ Let’s approach it like a film, and let’s make something we can be proud of and people can enjoy,” he explains in Wine Spectator’s latest issue, on stands June 3.

Besides being the perfect place for Brad to hone his new craft, the château is special to the actor for other reasons. It’s where the World War Z star proposed to longtime love, Angelina. How romantic!