Their marriage is being tested! Hillary Clinton took a long break from the spotlight after she lost the 2016 United States presidential election, but now she's back and has been doing promotional tours to promote her new book, What Happened — which is a reflection on her presidential campaign. But now sources close to the Clintons are revealing that stress of the book tour is really weighing on her relationship with Bill Clinton and the couple is been butting heads and fighting.

“Before Hillary sent the manuscript to her publisher, she gave it to Bill to read, and he made major changes with a red pencil,” a Clinton family friend told Page Six. “But she refused to even read his corrections, and he got so furious that he tossed the entire manuscript into the garbage."

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Happy birthday, Bill!

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Bill, who was the 42nd president of the United States, tried to give his wife advice because he felt that her book made her look "bewildered, angry, and confused" and he felt that it would not be a good thing for her to be so vulnerable if she wanted to someday become a world leader. He also wanted her to change the title because What Happened would only make people focus on the fact that she lost.

"He urged her to postpone the pub date and rewrite the book, but she yelled at him and said, ‘The book is finished and that’s how it’s going to be published,'" the pal continued.

This isn't the only time that Bill and Hillary have fought over his advice. With one month before election day, the insider claimed that Bill had warned Hillary that she would lose if she didn't continue to campaign in the Rust Belt states — but Hillary did not listen to him. Tensions have been rising for some time, and it's boiling over with the added stress of her current book tour.

“Bill’s criticism — and what Hillary sees as his lack of sympathy — has driven a wedge between them,” the friend said. “They haven’t been speaking for months. They’ve been communicating through friends and lawyers.”