Relationships can sometimes be difficult to maintain, but Beverley Mitchell and Michael Cameron certainly have things figured out. After all, they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last October — a rarity when it comes to Hollywood — and have their own secret to keeping the spark alive.

“It’s awesome!” the 7th Heaven alum exclusively told Closer Weekly about hitting the milestone. “I think every day I’m just so grateful for him. He’s my best friend and we still have a blast together.”

“I joke that no one else understands me or would be friends with me if it wasn’t for him, so I’m really glad that we locked it down really early,” the 38-year-old country singer adds with a little laugh.

The couple — who were engaged on New Year’s Eve 2005 and were married on October 1, 2008 — share two children together, 6-year-old daughter Kenzie and 4-year-old son Hutton Michael. While there have been highs there have also been lows, too. In November of last year Beverley revealed on her blog Growing Up Hollywood that she had experienced a miscarriage of twins earlier that year.

Given their kiddos, the Saw II star said it’s important for them to “take time for ourselves.” The solution? They “definitely try to do a date night once a week” to keep their bond strong.

As for the secret to keeping things running smoothly between them, there’s a simple solution for that.

“It’s all about communication,” the “Angel” singer revealed. “It’s all about just always being open with each other and just accepting each other for who we are and not trying to change one another.”

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Michael — a handsome accountant — has always made her swoon.

“He truly is my best friend and I think he’s the hottest man alive so I’m super golden,” she gushed. “Ever since I met him, he was always the one for me and that has never changed. Eighteen years later, he makes my heart flutter and he is just my everything.”

We wish Beverley and Michael nothing but love for the next 10 years — and beyond!

Reporting by Diana Cooper